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A podcast about everything to do with World of Warcraft and other stuff.

August 7th, 2013    

Episode: 4 One Big Happy Virtual Realm

In this episode: Boomy and Jegger discuss the pro's and Con's of Virtual Realms, and introduce the SWTOR Round up, where Jegger (The might Bounty Hunter) gives everyone a view of another addicting MMO. Someday Boomy will get back in and have to balance his WoW and his SWTOR = ) Also, listen to more MMO rambles by your Host's. 

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August 5th, 2013    

Episode 7: Pounding Sand

In this episode, Boomy and Jegger discuss the news concerning Activision-Blizzard becoming an independent company, after buying themselves back from their Parent company. Also, WoW loses 700k Sub's. Your hosts also put their tinfoil hats on and talk about the future of WoW and what clues the PTR has for us concerning such a topic. Boomy finally gets back into SWTOR and Jegger schools him on what to do. 

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July 18th, 2013    

Episode 3 Flexem

Live from the Blue Recluse Studio's: Boomy and Jegger talk about the new thing to do in the upcoming patch 5.4--Flex Raiding, where you'll hear their opinions about the pro's-and-con's of such a concept. Also the guys (mainly Jegger) will be going in to SWTOR love. With a sprinkle of some guild events from the best guild within World of Warcraft: Convert to Raid Guilds. 

(Also, episode 2: Where did it go, will come as soon as Boomy finds it) = )
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